Strategic Group

The Strategic Group is an aggregation of leading individuals from academia, government and top industry that can be engaged either individually or as custom tailored groups to study situations, develop solutions and outline execution road maps.

We pledge to help, assist and complement leaders in understanding, embracing and solving strategic challenges. Our primary approach is to develop and promote practical methods in transforming the way people think.

Through our dedicated & objective research and with sophisticated analytical tools developed over many years, we engage clients to help them better understand a problem and provide bespoke solutions.

Our track record

For over 30 years, we have developed insights and non-partisan policy solutions to help decision makers chart pragmatic policies.

Focus areas

  • Crisis and Conflict resolution
  • Cyber Security
  • Health-Care
  • Energy
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • International Affairs

Key Differentiators

  • Works on real time primary information
  • Collaborations with some of the finest academic institutions and think tanks in the world
  • Has already developed proven solutions in risk management and cyber security¬†
  • Over two hundred years of combined expertise in strategic thinking and security amongst our core team members


  • Special Assignments
  • Workshops¬†
  • Policy and Industry briefs
  • Reports and working papers
  • Peer-reviewed publications
  • Newsletters