North Korea threatens to cancel Trump summit


The North Korea–United States summit is a planned future meeting between the leaders of North Korea and the United States set to take place on June 12, 2018 in Singapore. The White House confirmed the planned meeting between President Donald Trump and Chairman Kim Jong-un on 8 March 2018. This would be the first time a sitting U.S. President will have met the leader of North Korea since the Korean War.

North Korea threatens to cancel Trump summit


Trump is still ready to meet the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, at a summit next month, “despite a statement from Pyongyang that it was not interested in discussing one-sided demands that it gives up its nuclear weapons,” the White House said on Wednesday.

He added that “we haven’t been notified at all” that the North Koreans had cancelled the meeting. Asked whether the summit, planned for 12 June in Singapore, was still on, Trump told “We’ll see what happens, reported by BBC”

North Korea threatens to cancel Trump summit


Our assessment is that there are two possibilities in the eventuality of the meeting - it will either pursue a deal with North Korea that improves US and allied security but fall short of immediate denuclearization or both parties will walk away from the deal. We believe that both Pyongyang and US are adept at signalling.