Uber paid bounty to hacker

Uber reportedly paid $100,000 to the man responsible for its data breach. The money was transferred to ensure this 20-year-old man from Florida, USA, destroyed the data he breached in the first place. Uber Technologies Inc. is a global transportation technology company headquartered in San Francisco, California, United States, operating in 633 cities worldwide..

Tesla builds world largest battery

Tesla has built the world's biggest lithium-ion battery and has plugged into an Australian state grid. Thus, the company’s Chief Executive Elon Musk was able to deliver on 100-day guarantee he made on Twitter. Tesla is an American automaker founded in 2003 by Elon Musk. It specializes in electric cars, lithium-ion battery energy storage and more. It is predominantly known for manufacturing luxury electric cars

Future of Jerusalem

Reports have emerged that US President Donald Trump will be announcing soon that the US will recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital. Israel is the world's only Jewish state. The Jews staked claim for a land of their own due to religious reasons. They trace their origins to Abraham, who they consider as their patriarch. A number of Jews migrated to Europe predating the Roman Empire. In fact, they accounted for 10% of the population..

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