Chinese spies in US universities?

On the 13th of February, the Senate Intelligence Committee gathered to discuss US security concerns. Foremost amongst these was China. Officials discussed the “whole of society” approach taken by Beijing, and its strategic use of academic institutes, businesses, and telecommunications. These comments come in the context of increased disagreements between the two nations over trade..

India’s image in Africa

The residence of the prominent Gupta family in South Africa has been raided by an elite South African police unit. The influential business family has been at the center of the scandal surrounding embattled President Jacob Zuma. South African President Jacob Zuma’s government has been accused of improper dealings with the South African based Gupta family. Brothers Ajay, Atul and Rajesh..

Circle of life

In a conference that began on Monday, Iraq announced that it will require approximately $88 billion to begin post-ISIS relief efforts to reconstruct its economy. However, only $4 billion has been raised so far. Kuwait, one of Iraq’s closest neighbours, has notably committed $1 billion in investments. Officials have warned that if the country is unable to regain a sense of normalcy, this could allow for..

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