Export ban shocks ZTE

A US ban on sales of American components to ZTE Corp has resulted as a major blow to the country’s hi-tech ambitions, emphasizing growing tensions between China and the US. Additionally, the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) is at the center of the US government’s efforts to stop the transfer of advanced technology to China through acquisitions..

Washington’s investment concerns

The United States may be moving towards restricting Chinese investment in sensitive sectors such as semiconductors and robotics. The US Treasury is investigating the possibility of implementing the International Emergency Economic Powers Act against China. Washington has indicated that technology and telecommunication are serious security issues. In recent years, the United States..

The changing nature of workforce

As the nature of the global workforce continues to evolve, in order to ensure the hiring of human workforce, the minimum wages have to be reduced. This is among the many recommendations that are in the working draft of the World Bank’s flagship World Development Report. In 2017, the United Nations reported that more than 200 million people are were out of work around the world..

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