North Korea ends nuclear tests

North Korea’s Korean Central News Agency has announced that Pyongyang is stopping nuclear tests and ballistic missile launches at its only test site, Pyunggye-ri..

Export ban shocks ZTE

A US ban on sales of American components to ZTE Corp has resulted as a major blow to the country’s hi-tech ambitions, emphasizing growing tensions between..

The changing nature of workforce

As the nature of the global workforce continues to evolve, in order to ensure the hiring of human workforce, the minimum wages have to be reduced..

News Analysis

The Synergia News Analysis is an evaluation of news report that goes beyond the represented facts and gives an interpretation of the events based on all data. Our effort is to give context to the occurrence of the event and provide an evidence based interpretation. We go beyond surface level complexity, provide a holistic perspective by laying out facts including geography, history, culture, national needs and provide a simpler clearer and more accurate prediction of important global events. 


Topics include:

  • Inputs from open-source and proprietary sources
  • Comments from 'best minds' in the industry
  • Concise & impartial information
  • Interdisciplinary 
  • 'Beyond the curve' assessment

Archived News Analysis