Synergia Forum

Over the last three decades, the Foundation has collaborated with some of the finest academia, research, geo political and security practitioners & institutes, global leaders, primarily in Asia, Europe and North America to develop new insights & remediation tools that can benefit industry, governments, research organizations and academia.

The forum organises discussions on geopolitics, geo-economics and security through a series of round table, panel debates and other events and primarily bring together domain experts and decision makers. The forum also provides a platform for researchers with common interest to collaborate under specific projects.

The forum allows discussants to exchange ideas, share documents and other text before it gets public.

  • International terrorism
  • Technology, Insurgency & Radicalisation
  • Physical, Intel, Cyber security
  • Health-care and Pandemics
  • Critical infrastructure
  • Manufacturing, Supply chain & Risk mitigation
  • Aerospace
  • Banking and Micro Finance

Past Events