Synergia Forum

Synergia Forum is a gathering of eminent experts to discuss challenges and disruptions that governments, academia and industries may face in the future. The objective of the forum is to bring together leaders from different backgrounds to look at issues and provide evidence based non – partisan insights.

The forum organises discussions on geopolitics, geo-economics and security through a series of round table, panel debates and other events and primarily bring together domain experts and decision makers. The forum also provides a platform for researchers with common interest to collaborate under specific projects.

The forum allows discussants to exchange ideas, share documents and other text before it gets public.


Topics include:

  • International terrorism
  • Technology, Insurgency & Radicalisation
  • Physical, Intel, Cyber security
  • Health-care and Pandemics
  • Critical infrastructure
  • Manufacturing, Supply chain & Risk mitigation
  • Aerospace
  • Banking and Micro Finance