37th Lecture

A synergia conclave - security 360,

A synergia conclave - security 360

November 17, 2017


The last two decades have demonstrated the growing asymmetrical nature of international security threats. Terrorism, cyber-attacks and nuclear proliferation have redefined security norms. The monopoly of nation states using force is eroding. State boundaries are proving meaningless as non-state actors play an increasingly powerful role in defining global security.


  • Threat to digital security is growing and mutating continuously. While e-commerce, artificial intelligence, data offer opportunities for profitable businesses, the environment urgently needs to augment digital trust, active defence and design a resilient architecture.
  • The new world order post 9/11 is multi-polar with a mix of nation-states, regions, cultures and shadowy non-state players. It needs globalization to succeed. Paradoxically, the political reactions the process evokes counters its very intent.
  • National security is no longer about securing one's borders. It is dependent on the ability to navigate safely through the global commons – sea, air, land and cyberspace that facilitate the passage of goods, people, communication and data. Yet, emerging trends are threatening the freedom of action for all.

Theme: Security 360

The conference aims to bring together global industry leaders, strategic security practitioners, policy makers, media and businesses on a single platform to obtain a 360-degree perspective on geo-political threats with a focus on asymmetric threats. Keynote presentations and panel discussions will give participants a rare chance to interact and learn from leading security and cyber experts and solution providers from around the world.

We look forward to seeing you at Synergia Conclave 2017


  • CEOs, Members of Boards & CISO
  • Nation Security Advisors
  • Cyber Security Experts
  • Heads of Intelligence Agencies
  • Policy Makers
  • International Think-Tanks & Media.


  • Reimagining Security in the 21st century: The Grand Strategy
  • Cybersecurity- a 360-Degree Perspective
  • Cybersecurity – The Board Dilemma
  • Cyber 9/11
  • Reimagining Business in a Digitized World
  • The New World Order
  • Reimagining Intelligence

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