Applied Research Group

The Applied Research Group pursues high-quality, independent research that will positively contribute to building a more secure society. We conduct timely in-depth research & analysis of economic, political and social developments in collaboration with our network of leading think tanks and top academic institutions in the world.

Based on our research, we seek to provide additional insights to decision makers by sharing innovative research, policy papers, developing strategies and implementation of road maps.


  • Economic & social inclusiveness and security
  • An open, vibrant, prosperous and cooperative democratic system
  • A resource base for the government, bureaucrats, academia, industry and media

Key Differentiator

  • Maintain diverse working relationships with various think-tanks and academia.
  • Develop joint expertise and operational collaboration on target assignments.
  • Work with key stakeholder in real time and provide valuable information.
  • Offer insights and forecast advance policy - relevant trends.

Focus areas

  • Innovative Drug Development
  • Supply Chain Security
  • Counterfeits
  • Resilient Cities
  • Pandemics
  • Digital Security
  • Disaster Management¬†
  • IOTs and Threats to Critical Infrastructure
  • Deep and The Dark Web